About Us

Mission Statement: We empower students with transferrable job skills, support animal shelters through handmade products, and turn trash into treasure for pets. One Kid, One Animal, One Piece of Trash At A Time!

Values Statement: It's simple. We value students with disabilities, animals, and planet Earth.

  • Tails Up! is a student operated non-profit business. Our goal is to teach transferable job skills to students with disabilities.

  • We provide handmade, sustainable products to local animal shelters and pet owners. 50% of our profits go to the shelters and 50% goes back into our business.

  • Our products are UPcycled from wood, plastic, metal, glass, paper, and fiber that would have gone into the landfill or recycling bin.

Shelters We Support: Coming Soon!

Our Crew:

Jamie Herzmann- Teacher, Manager and CEO

Assistant Bookkeeper- Aiden

Website Co-Manager- Theo

Photographer/Videographer- Erick

Writer- Aiden

Tool Managers- Skyler and Jesse

Inventory Managers- Josh and Will

Speakers- Josh and Theo

Product Designers- Everyone

Product Testers- Everyone with Pets

Crafters- Everyone

Educators- Everyone