The students who run this business


The homeless animals and pets who love our products


Our upcycled products keep waste out of landfills

Our Four- Legged Product Testers!

About Us

My name is Mrs. Herzmann, I am a setting III Special Education teacher in Minnesota. My students and I started this company for our Community Based Instruction (CBI) class. We began managing our school's recycling program in 2020, but soon realized more could be done and that recycling is not always the best answer. Enter UPcycling!

Because we all love animals and most of us have pets, we decided to focus our efforts in three areas: 

1. Students with Disabilities: through this classroom business,  students are learning valuable job skills that will translate to a variety of work environments. 

2. Animals in Need: we make, design and donate products for animals in local shelters. 

3. Planet Earth: we upcycle waste materials into sustainably made pet products. 

Our products are tested in our own homes with our own pets, shared with local animal shelters, and sold within our community to keep our business going financially. 50% of our profits are donated directly to local animal shelters. 

Contact Us:

Phone: 218-404-6027