Wish List

Two Extra Large Self Healing Cutting Mats

Hot Knife

2 Safety Can Openers (for #10 and small cans)

4-6 Safety Utility Knives

1 Set of Metal Files (for reducing rough edges)

2 Plyers Kits (needle nose and other types)

2 Hammers

10 Pairs of Eye Protection (glasses style)

10 Pairs of Hearing Protection (headphone style)

4 Small Safety Gloves (Fish cleaning style)

4 Pair Small Heat Safe Gloves (Ove-Glove Style)

Small and Medium Non Latex Gloves

2-4 Pair of Tin Snips

Large Painting Drop Cloth

Variety of Sandpaper and Sanding Blocks

Scrap PVC and wood

Old T-Shirts (few holes, minor stains)

Old jeans

Scraps of fabric

Clean food jars with Lids